Sunday, May 19, 2019

April 8, 2004

Dreamed of acting in a western with James Keach as Jesse James (he played the role in The Long Riders); coming out of our Sackville house at the end of a heavy rainfall; having a week left in London with nothing to do; writing a headline(!) for every daily entry in my diary.

Saw the DVD of Sam Wood's movie of the Thornton Wilder play Our Town, with one of William Holden's first performances.  A great play in a rather precious adaptation, which tacked on a happy ending by explaining that Emily's death was just her dreaming...

Dinner was salmon.

Went to the Geneva Centre support group for Aspies.  They had a couple of new people there.  One of them, Cynthia, is going to the National Job Fair next week, same as me.  I brought along my London photos, and I think they liked them.  I suggested we go out for karaoke someday.

April 7, 2004

Dreamed of a cat that kept growling at me, and threw up; visiting South Africa.

Saw the video of D.W. Griffith's World War I epic Hearts of the World, with Lillian Gish as an American living in France, who naturally supports the French.  Pretty shameless melodrama.

Went to a Democracy for America Meetup. (It's the successor organization to the Howard Dean campaign.) I only met a couple of people there.

Dinner was spaghetti. (I ate too much.)

Just after the Meetup I threw up. (Did last night's dream prophesy this?)

Saturday, May 18, 2019

April 6, 2004

Dreamed of being alone in the Maritimes and hoping to catch a plan in Charlottetown to get home the same day as acting in the play Stalag 17 and repeating William Holden's line when someone touches his bar of soap: "Private property, Bub!"

Went to see Dr. Hassan.  Then I bought $23 worth of comics at the nearby store, and they charged me only $50!

We returned the videos and got some new ones at Revue.

Dinner was another turkey pie.

Baked raisin bread.

Saw the Jane Seymour episode of The Six Wives of Henry VIII.


April 5, 2004

"'I was speaking metaphorically, suh,' said the rooster. 'He means he's just sounding off,' said Leo"--The Story of Freginald

"I had a rather high life--gambling debts, a lady with expensive tastes....  My wife's tastes, too, are expensive"--a sleazy surgeon in Dick Tracy

Dreamed of shoveling snow in front of our Sackville house and piling up enough to build a snow fort.

Hope this cold weather will end soon!

Went to the library and picked up The Story of Freginald, from the Freddy the Pig series.

Went to the dance studio and said hello to my former teacher Cynthia because it was her birthday.

Went shopping.

Dinner was turkey pie.

Went to my first Giuseppe Verdi Chorus rehearsal.  In June we're going to perform half a dozen opera choruses, including some famous stuff like the Drinking Chorus from La Traviata, the Slave Chorus from Nabucco, the Anvil Chorus from Il Trovatore and the Humming Chorus from Madama Butterfly.

Read over 80 pages of The Story of Freginald!

Friday, May 17, 2019

April 4, 2004

Dreamed of visiting our old Sackville home and finding that the new owners had built a pool house in the front yard. (I really miss the trees we planted around the house.)

Saw the Wagner Ring opera Die Walkuere at the Hummingbird Centre.  It was really long, especially the middle act.  The stage lamps were rather hard on the eyes.

John came over for dinner, which was pizza.

April 3, 2004

"When did you decide you were God?" "I was praying one day, and I noticed I was talking to myself"--The Ruling Class

Dreamed of turning on the TV and Dragnet was on, except that the signal was so weak that the picture was obscured by a computer display, and I thought the show was The Flintstones; missing a broadcast episode of The Sopranos; dancing tango.

Saw the DVD of the 1950s B-movie Thunder Road, with Robert Mitchum as a Kentucky bootlegger.  He was really cool.

Dinner was turkey.

Saw the beginning of Peter Medak's The Ruling Class, a 1972 satire of the British aristocracy in which lunatic Peter O'Toole inherits a title.  It was crudely executed, and we didn't last long.

Instead we watched The Hound of the Baskervilles, with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce as Holmes and Watson.  It took a few liberties with the book, but was still gripping.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

April 2, 2004

"You'll never meet anyone like me again"--Monster

Baked multigrain bread.

Got the London pictures back from the developer.  The night pictures didn't come out as well as I'd hoped.

Dinner was chicken curry.

Saw Patty Jenkins' Monster at the Paradise.  It was quite unnerving.  Florida looks like a terrible place to live.  It looks to me like Aileen Wuornos was insane.